FOODS » Bangkok voted as one of the world’s best cities for tasty street food

Bangkok voted as one of the world’s best cities for tasty street food

20 August 2016
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Bangkok, 15 August, 2016 –, the influential online media website recently named Bangkok as one of the world’s best 23 best destinations for street food and roadside dining.

Odeon Circle at the intersection of Yaowarat Road, where many of Bangkok’s delicious street food can be found put together an online listing of street food destinations to celebrate the everyday dishes that people buy for lunch and breakfast all over the world. The media giant’s popular website singled out Bangkok’s Chinatown and Yaowarat Road as areas that food lovers should not miss when taking a culinary journey around Thailand’s capital.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said, “Thailand’s food is well known around the world, but one thing that all visitors agree on is the high quality and tastiness of everyday street food. In Bangkok especially, the food reflects the culture of Thailand and the people who’ve settled here. So you can enjoy fine Chinese street food, Muslim and even Western dishes freshly cooked and sold at great prices. Street food is one of the things that tourists most love about Thailand, and it brings them back time after time looking to find new tastes and treats.”

Khao San Road, Bangkok

The website listed 23 cities around the world considered to have exemplary street food with Bangkok’s listing leading the online report. Other destinations listed include Tokyo, Honolulu, Durban, New Orleans, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

The CNN website quoted advice from Chef Van, of the French brasserie 4Garcons on Bangkok’s Thong Lo Road who recommended two of his favourite dishes for Bangkok’s visitors: “Hoi Thot Nai Mong”, a crispy fried mussel pancake cooked on a charcoal stove by a famous street food vendor in the Yaowarat area, and “Kuai Tieo Kai Soi Sai Nam Pheung”, noodle soup with chicken wing stewed with young egg and pork intestines, famously served in Soi Sai Nam Pheung.

Mr. Yuthasak said, “There are a few more ways to celebrate Thainess than through the kingdom’s food, especially the dishes that people enjoy every day up and down the country. Visitors should not miss the opportunity to try these dishes and to find their favourites. Once you start exploring Thailand’s street food, you’ll find that the infinite variety of tastes and flavours keeps you coming back for more.”