Sunday, 2 October 2022

Aksra Theatre King Power Bangkok, Thailand

King Power Complex is Bangkok’s newest one-stop destination for tourists, which incorporates the 579-seat Aksra Theatre. The theatre is situated above a shopping mall, which presented several challenges in designing the theatre space and supporting accommodation to be functional. Specifically, the backstage areas needed to be carefully planned so that props and scenery could be brought into the building without disrupting the activities in the shopping mall below.


The Aksra Theatre is designed to be luxurious, employing gold leaf in the wall bass-relief decorations and elegant furnishings in the public areas. The theatre itself is a single tiered ‘horse-shoe’ style auditorium, presenting traditional Thai performances and King Power Sakorn Puppet performances. The stage supports over 200 performers.



Perched on the third floor of King Power Duty Free Downtown Complex, Aksra Theatre is home to the world’s famous Thai puppet show Aksra Hoon Lakorn Lek (Aksra Thai Puppet Show).


Every day, all 600 seats underneath sophisticated Thai decor are filled up with cultural art lovers who will be stunned by a Ramayana epic told through a performance of haute-art puppets, completed with cutting-edge light and sound system and live orchestra music. You can also buy a package, which includes a diner at an adjacent Ramayana Restaurant. aksra-theatre-king-power

Show time: Tuesday – Friday, 7pm; Saturday – Sunday, 1pm and 7pm.

19.00 – 21.00aksra-theatre-king-power

Admission: 800 Baht

Getting there: King Power Complex provides a free shuttle service from Century Plaza, next to BTS Victory Monument station, to the complex, which is only five minute walk from the station. You can also take bus no. 73, 204 and get off at Rang Nam Road