Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Banana Family Park

Banana Family Park is located at house number 17/1, soi Aree 1 in Ban Aree area near Aree BTS station. The establishment of this place is resulted by the idea that family is the most important social unit and is the source of happiness for humans’ living. Banana Family Park is developed from Banana Book Park, a large book center constructed to benefit people in Aree area.This introvert community mall near BTS Ari station hosts a series of activities to slow down the speed of urban living, from a Dharma library Baan Ari, yoga sessions, music classes, and Dharma lectures by revered monks. There are also a coffee shop, food stalls selling organic vegetarian food and an exhibition space showcasing art works.


It is a place for relaxing, meeting, talking business, and studying. Due to its great feedback, Banana Book Park cannot support the number of visitors and has to be moved to the area nearby. It is finally becomes Banana Family Park. At present, it is considered as a white project in the center of chaotic Bangkok. It is a place for everyone, no matter which genders or how old they are, to join various activities provided in the area. The visitors can visit Ban Aree and read Buddhist books in Dharma library for free.

They can attend Thai and international music school, not only to improve their music skill, but also to practice to be calm and happy with music in their heart. Yoga, spa, and fitness center are also offered in this place in order to encourage the members of Banana Family Park to be healthy. In addition, there are a lot of activities, which continually create sound physical and mental health; for example, “Kin Jay Im Boon” vegetarian festival and “Kin Mangsawirat Gor Fin Dai” vegetarian activity. This place offers restaurant, coffee shop, and Prempree Park for the visitors to listen to Dharma so that they can relax themselves, both physically and mentally.


For art lovers, there is an urban art project by Artery, which displays artistic works by many artists in different fields from old generation and new generation, in Banana Family Park. Moreover, this place is open for teenagers and university students to share their opinions and do some creative activities. This can urge everyone in the society to focus on the importance of mind and living together, rather than appreciate material value in this current high-competitive society. As a result, this is a perfect place for all family members to spend their free time and do some creative activities together and with other people in the society.

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