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Bang Khun Thian District Museum

Bang KhunThian District Museum or Bangkok Metropolitan Local Museum at Bang KhunThian District is situated in the premises of the KlongPhitayalongkorn School, Rama II, Tha Kham subdistrict, Bang KhunThain district, Bangkok.


Bang KhunThian District Museum was initiated by the Bureau of Social Welfarein order to circulate the knowledge about history, culture, art and wisdom to local communities.

Bangkok Noi District Museum utilizes a building ofKlongPhitayalongkorn School inTha Kham subdistrict, Bang KhunThain district. The museum presents the way of life of Bang KhunThain people, the etymological origin of the name of the district, local fruit orchards, Bang Mod orange plantation, rice farming methods in the past, antique tools and equipment. Most of the collection have been donated by the locals. Many individualshave shown their consent to grant the school these artifacts hoping that their belongings might be beneficial to the community.

In addition, the exhibition also deals with the history of art and archeological studies, occupation and self-development of Bang KhunThain community, physical configuration of Bangkok, the path of King Taksin the Great’s army troops, etc. Visitors will get to know local important persons, such as SunthornPhu and Phra Bat SomdetPhraNangklaoChaoyuhua.

School Display Room

School Display Room

The information about the mangrove forest and other natural tourist attractions in Bang KhunThian can be found in the museum as well. There are bicycle renting services to accommodate tourists who would like to see the mangrove forest or the saltwater agricultural improvement project.

Bang KhunThian District Museum

Bang KhunThian District Museum

Bang KhunThian District Museum

  • open to the public every day from 9.00 – 16.00.
  • Free entrance for all visitors. If interested, please contact the following numbers

How to get there

  • By bus : Bus Number 2, 68, 76, 105, 140, 141, 142, 147, 169, 171, 529, 530
  • By  taxi : If you don’t feel adventurous, take the bus and drop off at Big C. Then take a taxi to the Phitayalongkorn School. On your return trip, take a taxi to the Central Department Store opposite the Big C and take a bus back to the city.


for more information: 0 2452 4792 or 02452 5001. Group visits are required to inform the principal of KlongPhitayalongkorn School in advance.