Sunday, 2 October 2022

Bangkok Aquarium

Bangkok Aquarium was established in 1940. It is aimed at spreading knowledge and information on different types of aquatic animals and promoting mindfulness of the human instinct to preserve aquatic animals in public. In the first place, it was built as a wooden building.

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Later in 1973, Canada’s Government offered assistance and cooperation to the center; therefore, it was later renovated into a modern 3-storey building in which several exhibitions on more than one hundred species of freshwater fish not only from Thailand but also from abroad. An aquarium which visitors can touch or “Touch Pool” and a large aquarium of aquatic plants are situated on the first floor.


An exhibition of local rare species of Thai fish, ornamental fish and some species of foreign freshwater fish is held on the second floor. The third floor is provided to be a section for officers to do their work. In addition, the building is connected to the path for viewing ornamental aquatic plants in another building in form of glass house and surrounded by plots.bangkok-aquarium-11

The center is located in Kasetsart University (Bangkhen Campus), if you enter in Paholyothin Gate, it’s not too far to walk to the place. If you enter in Gnarm Wong Wan or Vipawadee Gate, you can get a ride on motorcycle taxis or use university bus servicebangkokaquarium

Admission Fee

  • The aquarium is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 4 p.m. The admission fee is 20 baht for adults, 10 baht for students and children and free admission for the elderly and the physically disadvantaged.

For more information

  • Tel : +6629405623,+6629406543,+6625620600–15 extension 5118,5220,5221,5222
  • FAX : 0294029405623
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