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Bangkok Gay Nightlife

02 Jul 2017

Bangkok’s gay nightlife is touted as being the hub of Southeast Asia for good reason. It boasts some of the best – be it great bars and clubs, saunas or inventive go-go boy shows – when it comes to catering to the rainbow crowd. Bangkok’s LBGT scene is so active you can party seven nights a week and still find new places to discover, but our list of best gay experiences in Bangkok is a great place to start – whether you want to dip a toe into the community or dive in head first. Prepare to be blown away by a variety of fun and decadent delights tailored to all the kings, queens and everything in between in this ‘City of Angels’. 


Bangkok’s gay Areas With its infamous Soi 2 and Soi 4, Silom is considered the main gay area of Bangkok. While Soi 2 caters exclusively to those who like dance clubs like DJ Station, Freeman and Expresso, Soi 4 offers a more relaxed atmosphere with pubs, bars and restaurants such as Balcony Bar, Telephone Pub and Sphinx. Most foreigners tend to flock around this area more than others. Both Soi 2 and Soi 4 are located conveniently close to BTS (Sala Daeng) and MRT (Silom) stations. The tiny alley of Soi 2 is easily missed unless you’re looking for it. Soi 4 is just a short walk from Soi 2, directly opposite Soi Convent. If you want to experience something a little more adventurous, the nearby shady Suriwong and Patpong areas reveal the naughtier side of things.

Bangkok’s gay nightlife has attracted visitors from all corners of the world in search of bars and clubs with the right crowd and atmosphere. And where can you find these bars and clubs? Where else but in Bangkok’s red light district called Patpong.Patpong is most well known for go go bars and sex clubs for straight men. But what most people don’t know is that there are many small and large gay establishments as well for gay visitors. There are 3 main areas within Patpong where gays can find all male go go bars, restaurants and even upscale bars and clubs. All of these areas are within easy walking distance to each other.

The first place to find gay go go bars and venues is in Duangthawee Plaza located on Surawongse road just off Patpong 2. It’s often called Soi Twilight because many of the establishments here are able to close later than the official 1am -2am closing time imposed by the government. Here you’ll find the most gay go go bars and a few noteworthy restaurants to lounge around and have a meal and drink in such as Dick’s Cafe.

The second strip for gay nightlife is found on Silom Soi 4. There are no go go bars here so Silom 4 has a much more laid back and relaxed atmosphere. There are many popular restaurants and bars lining the street with open terraces for people watching and the seats are filled especially on weekends. And ever so often a group of gay restaurant and bar owners will get together and put on fashion and entertainment shows with live music and dancers. One of the most popular bars on Silom Soi 4 is the pub style Telephone, where there are telephones on tables which you can use to call for a chat with fellow customers.

The last area is the smallest and it is on Silom Soi 2, just a few minutes walk from Silom Soi 4. This area has the least bars and clubs, however it has 2 of the best clubs popular with the young gay crowd called DJ Station and Freeman with its famous drag show starting every night at midnight. Make sure to get a seat near the balcony for the best view of the show below which takes place on a large central dance floor.

Other notable areas include the Soi Ramkhamhaeng 89/2, or ‘Lamsalee’. Many dance clubs can be found here and, due to lower drink prices, most of their customers are Thai university students. The area behind Chutuchak Weekend Market is also a small clutter of gay-dedicated establishments. There are also bars and saunas along the Saphan Kwai and Sukhumvit areas. But, unlike Silom, these areas are less frequented by tourists and cater for a largely local clientele.

Finally,there are many hotels in Bangkok but it’s best to stay around Patpong since that’s where you can find the most gay friendly hotels. There are only a few within walking distance to Patpong’s gay nightlife venues such as the Montien Hotel and Bally’s Suites Silom. Bangkok is the perfect place for gay travelers to explore an exotic city in Southeast Asia. Thailand itself has a large gay population and the people accept travelers as who they are regardless of sexual orientation.

Map of Bangkok Gay Nightlife