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The Bank of Thailand Museum

Bank of Thailand Museum is a museum in Bangkok, Thailand. The museum is housed in the Bang Khun Prom Palace, the former residence of Prince Paribatra Sukhumbhand, who was the 33rd son of King Chulalongkorn.


A visit to the bank of thailand allows visitors to admire two things: the history of the monetary system of Thailand and the beauty of the mansion it sets in. Set in a egg-shell-colored European renaissance mansion of Bang Khun Phrom, which was built during the 1900s to be a residence of Prince Boribhat Sukhumbhand, a son of the revered King Rama V.

The history of Thai monetary system is narrated in 14 chambers, each of which tells a different story from the formation of local exchange system to when Thailand had bonded the local currency, Thai Baht, to the global monetary system. You will get to see a precious collection of ancient coins, banknotes and old photographs.

Important rooms include the

  • (1) Ancient Coins Room that displays a vast collection of previous coins from prehistory to current coins.,
  • (2) Thai Banknotes Room that sees an evolution of Thai paper money, and
  • (3) The Bank of Thailand 60th Anniversary Room where visitors learn roles and responsibilities of the bank to help strengthen Thai economics. 



Opening hours: The museum is open for pre-arranged group visits only, on Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 4pm. One week advanced-booking is required.

Admission: Free

Rules and Regulations:

1. Please dress respectfully and take off shoes before entering the Bang Khun Phrom Palace Building.

2. Visitors should not touch exhibited items and display cases.

3. Photography is not allowed inside the Museum.

4. Smoking is strictly prohibited.

5. Food and beverages are not allowed in the Museum.

6. Avoid making excessive noise during the visit.

Getting there:

The Bank of Thailand Museum

273 Samsen Road, Bang Khun Phrom,Bangkok, 10200

Contact: Tel. 0 2283 5286, 0 2283 6723, 0 2283 5265, Fax. 0 2283 5283

Map of Bank of Thailand Museum