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Chiang Mai Marathon is the marathon race in the most famous tourist attractions in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai. Participants can experience the cultural atmosphere and Lanna’s lifestyle while running past many historical sites along the running route. The race is to show the city’s unique identity.

Sine CMM-4A

Join the marathon race on the Christmas Day in the most famous tourist attraction in the North of Thailand, Chiang Mai, the city with the unique identity, full of natural spots, historical sites, traditional art and culture, local customs and festivals. Routing is on the road is flat, no mountains. Temperature of 12-18 C


Say farewell to 2016 with the marathon amidst the morning mist and a “Cool Cool” atmosphere, “Lanna” style along the roads around the “Chiang Mai Moat”, surrounded by artful Lanna temples. The backdrop of the route is DoiSuthep where the renowned “Phra That DoiSuthep” is situated, the sacred place of worship of the Chiang Mai city. The race will surely be an unforgettable end to the marathon series.Sine CMM-4A

Map of Muang Thai Chiangmai Marathon 2016


Events : Muang Thai Chiangmai Marathon 2016

Venue : Chiang Mai Province

Date 18 – 18 Dec 2016