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Chinese New Year in Bangkok

Chinese New Year in Thailand-Friday, February 16 2018,The Chinese community of Bangkok celebrates the Chinese New Year in the midst of the Thai capital with parades, typical dances, stands, traditional food and fireworks. Providing an opportunity to mix with local inhabitants, these festive celebrations represent a special moment to share with family and friends.

The most exhilarating celebrations to Yaowaraj, which is officially the Chinatown of Bangkok. The entire length of street comes to life with crowds of worshippers, exploding firecrackers, dragon dancers, and families of Chinese descent who gather to partake in the street fanfare as well as enjoy sumptuous Chinese banquets. In other parts of Bangkok, Chinese restaurants and shopping malls roll out special Chinese New Year promotions, which range from discounts on goods and services to free feng-shui advice for their customers. In Thailand, the event usually takes place around January or February of every year. The exact dates are calculated from the Chinese Lunar Calendar.


Although not a public holiday in Thailand, members of Bangkok Chinese communities usually take at least one day off from work and engage themselves in various New Year activities. New Year’s Eve is the time to pray to the gods and pay respect to the ancestors. This is when the whole family enjoys a sumptuous Chinese banquet together at home. On the night of New Year’s Eve, adults will hand red envelopes called ‘ang-pao’, with pocket money inside, to their children as a New Year gift. On New Year’s Day, it’s time to rest and do absolutely nothing. Most people start visiting their extended families and relatives in order to exchange a few oranges as a way to wish them a Happy New Year.


When: First Day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar

Where: Yaowaraj (Chinatown)


Map of Yaowaraj (Chinatown)