Tuesday, 27 September 2022

The climates of Trang Province

16 Feb 2018

The climates of Trang is not different from those of other provinces on the Andaman Coast.  Basically there are only two seasons: summer and rainy season.  Today’s weather can be uncertain.  Sometimes it rains in summer and, vice versa, it can get very sunny in the rainy season.  Trang is influenced by a North-East monsoon from October to January, originating in the Gulf of Thailand in the East and resulting in moderate rain on the mainland.



The high season, which usually turns into the peak season, lasts from December to January. This is a favorite period for European travelers who escape from their cold climates to soak up the sun in the provinces along the Andaman Coast.  Nowadays, foreign travelers come to Trang  in increasing numbers from November to late April.  From May to September, Trang is influenced by a South-West monsoon which brings rain, but the Sea of Trang, located not far from the shore and unaffected by the monsoon, can be visited all year round. 

Most resorts, hotels and bungalows are open the whole year.  The same goes for traveling agencies and speed boat shops. In the green season, or the off-season, hotels, lodging places and travel agencies normally arrange special promotion packages with extraordinary prices, persuading Thai travelers to take their vacation during this time.  Travelers from Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia all prefer to visit Trang  in this season as well. 

A double check on the climate in advance is recommended.  On top of the sea excursions, Trang do have many of the onshore attractions including caves, waterfalls, rafting, nature conservation trips, and visits to the locals to spice up your trip with a different taste.