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Discover Thai Cuisine through its famous four regions – Central

06 Feb 2018

Discover Thai Cuisine through its famous four regions – Central,Cuisine from Thailand’s Central Region probably comes closest to what visitors view as ‘Thai’ food, with well-known dishes; such as, Phat Thai and curry pastes involving the staple ingredients of chillies, garlic, galangal, lemongrass and shrimp paste. Bangkok is at the heart of the area, with its paddy fields, plentiful river fish and fertile soil for crops.


The Central Region is also home to jasmine rice, a top Thai export using for cooking around the globe. It’s also the birthplace of Kaeng Khiao Wan (green curry), and the equally loved Tom Yam Kung (hot and sour shrimp soup). Som Tam salad also has a Central Region variation using brined shrimp to enhance the flavour.

To the untrained eye, much of Thailand’s regional cuisine may be difficult to distinguish from each other. However, by following this guide, visitors can get the most out of Thai cuisine and appreciate the rich diversity of Thailand’s gastronomy and geography through its delicious food.