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Discover Thai Cuisine through its famous four regions – Northern

06 Feb 2018

Discover Thai Cuisine through its famous four regions – Northern,Also known as Lanna cuisine, visitors to Chiang Mai fall in love with their first bite of the delicious Khao Soi (curried noodles). Flavour and texture contrasts dominate a red and yellow coconut curried broth, and crunchy noodles are piled on top of the soft noodles with succulent chicken leg meat layered underneath it. There is more to Northern Thai cuisine, however, than Khao Soi.

Influenced by the countries that share a border with the North, delicious foods; such as, Kaeng Hung Le (spiced curry), Khanom Chin Nam Ngiao (spicy rice noodles), Kaeng Khanun On (unripe jackfruit curry) and Kaeng Hoa (fried curry) proudly show off the region’s vibrant flavours. Visit during mid-March to April, you can try Kaeng Phak Wan Kai Mot Daeng (vegetable soup with ant eggs), which is considered a luxurious rare food.


Best to start the meal with local Hors D’oeuvres – Nam Phrik Ong / Nam Phrik Num (chilli dips), Sai Ua (Northern curried sausage) and Khaep Mu (crispy pork rind) served with an assortment of lightly boiled vegetables.