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Discover Thai Cuisine through its famous four regions – Southern

06 Feb 2018

Discover Thai Cuisine through its famous four regions – Southern,Perhaps the least well known and understood of Thailand’s regional cuisine, Southern Thai food is characterised by its spice and sharpness. Its curries and flavour profiles are the most powerful, with the heat of the chilli as well as sour tamarind.


Just like the North, Southern Thai cuisine shares flavours from its neighbours, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia. A large Muslim populace, along with many fishing fleets, are the major influences Southern Thai cuisine is based heavily around seafood and meats and uses lots of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves for flavour. Staples include Kaeng Tai Pla (fermented fish curry), Kaeng Som Pla (hot and sour fish soup), and Kua Kling (dry fried meat curry). Massaman, a stewed curry of meat and potatoes, is another key specialty.