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Discover Thai Cuisine through its famous four regions – Isan

06 Feb 2018

Discover Thai Cuisine through its famous four regions – Isan,Thailand’s Northeast Region, or Isan, is famous for its grilled meats, sticky rice, strong fermented salads and heaped plates of fresh vegetables and herbs. Popular in all four regions of Thailand, Northeast cuisine is also the centrepiece of the country’s gastronomy tourism push and is particularly popular with first-time visitors. It’s also the easiest regional variety to find outside of the region (or overseas) because Isan workers export their food with them when employed away from home. And it’s all about a balance of flavours and tastes.


Spicy, sweet, sour and salty will all be represented on the Isan kitchen table. The most famed and succulent dishes include Kai Yang (barbecued chicken), served with sweet sauce and sticky glutinous rice, Som Tam (green papaya salad) concocted with mortar and pestle poundings, augmented often with salted egg or small crabs, Lap (spicy ground meat or fish) salads flavoured with lime and mint, grilled pork neck and super spicy sausage.


Tasty edible insects are another Isan staple that are a favourite snack for its rice farmers.