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Garuda Museam Thailand

“The Garuda Museum by TBANK” is considered the first and only Garuda museum in ASEAN. Its establishment could be traced back to the event on 1 October 2011 in which TBANK acquired Siam City Bank. Before the acquisition, Siam City Bank had been operating for over 70 years and the Royal Garuda Emblems had been graciously bestowed by His Majesty the King upon the Bank for display at its headquarters and branches since 1941.


After the merger with TBANK in 2011, it was necessary to dismount Garuda Emblemin compliance with the Garuda Emblem Act (No. 2) B.E. 2535 (1992). TBANK recognized the value and the importance of the Royal Garuda Emblem which Thai people had a great faith in and a strong relationship with.


The Emblem was also a symbol representing His Majesty the King of Thailand. As a result, TBANK respectfully relocated the Emblems from the headquarters and branches to its Bangpu Training Center in the municipal area of TambonBangpu, SamutPrakan Province.


This was followed by the founding of the Garuda Museum. The Museum showcased various stories of Garuda in a multimedia format. The stories were principally based on Thai people’s basic understanding about Garuda and Buddhism beliefs. It was designed and created so that visitors could learn about the origin of Garuda according to the legend from the viewpoints of both Buddhism and Brahmanism.


Importantly, an area in the museum had been set aside for exhibiting the Emblems which were respectfully relocated from Siam City Bank’s branches. One of the objectives of the exhibition is to reflect the Royal Garuda Emblem’s relationship with the country’s three fundamental institutions, namely the Nation, Religion, and Monarchy. In addition, the museum serves as a resourceful place for children, youth, and interested members of the general public to learn about the history.


Map of Garuda Museam

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