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Inside ASQ Paradise

20 Mar 2021

The Tourism Authority of Thailand and Location, Thailand’s top real estate reviewer, have cooperated to launch a project named “ASQ Paradise” ( aiming to provide information about Thailand’s regulations during the outbreak of COVID-19. Apart from the basic information regarding the required steps for entering Thailand, the website also provides an in-depth search function for choosing ASQ and ALSQ hotels for your two weeks quarantine. Let’s take a look at it!

Go to and click “ASQ hotels”

Start with a quick search.

– Choose your destination (province).

– Choose your check-in date.

– Choose the number of guests (Up to 2 adults and 4 children a room).

– Click “Search”

For more in-depth search, use a sidebar filter.

– Enter a province or hotel name

– Adjust your preferred budget

– Choose your preferred room size

– Choose property type

    – ASQ hotels located in Bangkok

    – ALSQ hotels located outside of Bangkok (Chonburi, Phuket, etc.)

    – AHQ is quarantine in hospitals

– Choose preferred amenities.

Unlike the quick search, the filter search shows a result as soon as you apply any chosen filter. The result window consists of many useful information, for example, hotel name, pictures, address, room info, and room price.

Click to see detailed information about the hotel such as the partnered hospital and location.

Choose a package that best suits you. The package includes room type, price, number of guests, and duration.

After you have chosen a preferred package, click “Contact” to get contact information such as phone number and email. Then, contact the hotel directly to make a reservation.

All done! Now you are one step closer to entering Thailand and enjoy a happy trip!

*Note: in the future, it might be able to reserve directly via this website.