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La Femme International Women’s Art Exhibition

13 Mar 2017

Bangkok is increasingly gaining a reputation in the region as an art city, with a range of galleries and art spaces opening up to the public and international artists coming here to show their work here.

One up and coming exhibition worth seeing is “La Femme” which is being held to celebrate the International Woman’s Day (on March 8) by showcasing the work of renowned women artists from around the world.

The exhibition is being held at the dynamic art space, Artery Gallery at River City Bangkok and will feature the work of eight international artists from seven countries and three continents, brought together for the first time ever in Bangkok.

The exhibition is aimed at showing visitors the struggle and challenges faced by women all over the world while celebrating their similarities and power. The powerful art works allow viewers to look fleetingly into the lives of women of other cultures and appreciate and celebrate their lives.

This is one of many exhibitions planned for the next few months with the aim of enhancing Bangkok’s art scene and beautifying public space, while enhancing art appreciation across the city.

La Femme International Women’s Art Exhibition

  • WHEN:08 March 2017 – 26 March 2017 all-day
  • WHERE:Artery Gallery, River City Bangkok