Tuesday, 27 September 2022

“Manora” the Art and Cultural of Trang

16 Feb 2018

Trang is the provinces next to each other, at the Andaman coast. There is a little difference of religion but almost the same in arts and culture. Trang people mostly has the Chinese ancestors which doing trade since the past until now, so that Trang has a lot of shrines. It has bodhisattva (Guan Yin) which is all Chinese worship to in every country.


Trang is outstanding in eating culture, especially breakfast. Most of the restaurant in Trang will has grilled pork and dim sims for breakfast, also the old recipe of tea and coffee. 

Even though there is religion differences of Trang but the classical dance is quite the same, such as Classical Thai tune called “Manora”, Thai traditional dramatic performance or “Li Kea” and shadow puppet or “ Nung Ta Loong” is the local performing arts of these two provinces.


“Manora”, the Classical Thai tune

It is being told that most of the southern people who has the Manora as ancestor will has Ta-Yay, Kru-Mor and Manora to protect and live in peace, so that lineages must be worshiped and held the Manora ceremony to appease a spirit to Ta-Yay as promised to Manora or Nora. It is being inherited as the outstanding performing arts together with Ta Loong or shadow puppet. The practice and inherit of Nora is not easy, you need a lot of memorization more than sagacious.


You need to remember the song correctly and also the singing technique to go along with music instruments. Dance steps are also hard and need to be beautiful and fast as the standard of Manora. Manora gained a lot of reputation for Trang. In the past, there is a lot of group who performing this dance but the most popular is Manora Term which is the best of vers libre. The other groups are Manora Flueng of Tha Chin River, Manora Leaun Saitanwa, Manora Muak Kwaw Kweaw, Manora Kloi Muen Bal Looksit Khun Ta, Manora Pan – Kleang Ngarm which is the famous about the wonderful dresses. Each show needed to be a lot of Manora equipments, people called them as “ Pan Jed-Harb”.

In present, Manora in Trang has only limited groups which is still popular such as Sornwanna Jook Sor. Pan Trang or Manora Jook, the discipline of Manora Pan, Manora Kluen Eadjui or Kluen Silp Snea, the discipline of Manora Term, Manora Tawee Noi of South Na Yong. The groups that help to pass on the knowledge to teenagers a like Manora Room Rua Aumnuay Silp of Nai Tao, Huai Yod district.