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Phuket travel and yachting experiences drive luxury tourism growth

26 Apr 2018

Phuket is rising in the eyes of those seeking bespoke travel experiences as it claims its rightful place as Asia’s emerging yachting hotspot and Thailand’s luxury travel hub for chartering yachts.



The recent third Thailand Yacht Show, along with a host of bespoke experiential travel options in Thailand’s picturesque southern region, has raised Thailand’s yachting profile to a new level.

Thailand’s Southern region, and Phuket in particular, invites visitors to indulge in bonafide yachting experiences that are normally associated with the likes of Monaco, St Tropez, Cannes and the Caribbean, all considered to be the world’s most preeminent yachting destinations.

Many of the world’s most prestigious yachting brands who were represented during the Thailand Yacht Show 2018 also maintain representative or charter offices in Phuket to serve the ever-growing demand for unique experiences that are impossible to replicate anywhere else in the world.

Yacht Charter ‘Safaris’


The Ko Klang community in Krabi is a traditional fishing community where visitor can see the living relationship between islanders and sea, observing daily life as tides rise and fall. Community members use ingenious means to capture fish, crabs and shellfish. The island is surrounded by pristine mangroves and offers great bird watching opportunities. In addition to experiencing nature and culture, visitors can also visit several community arts and crafts groups.

Locals here are renown for long-tail boat craftmanship and build authentic scaled models of Thailand’s famous longtail boats that are popular as gifts with tourists.

Gastronomy Tourism

Southern food includes many of Thai gastronomy’s most popular dishes, including famous curries known for both chilli spice often mixed with sour tamarind. Many tour operators now feature village-based Thai cooking classes that include market shopping, cooking and dining in local homes hosted by southern Thai families. Southern Thai cuisine shares flavours from its neighbours, particularly Malaysia and Indonesia, with its large Muslim populace and numerous fishing villages, it is based around seafood and meats using heaps of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves for flavour.

Between Phuket’s upmarket rise as a luxury travel destination and Krabi’s rich insights into Thai local experiences, Thailand’s southern region continues to reinvent itself with the diversity of its experiential-based travel options.