Thursday, 6 October 2022

Pipit Banglamphu Museum

Bang Lamphu is one of the oldest districts in Bangkok, set on Chao Phraya riverside near Phra Arthit, Phra Sumane and Ratchadamnoen roads. The district was named after trees, lamphu, that was found aplenty in the area.


Bang Lamphu has always been a trading district of Bangkok since the beginning of the reign of King Rama I, and was Bangkok’s premier shopping destination in the 60s. Today, Bang Lamphu makes a good walking tour, thanks to its mix of classic shophouses, historic landmarks such as old forts, department store, and local market selling street treats. 


Teak building housing the museum

Pipit Banglamphu Museum


The first floor of the concrete has two sections; the first is an area for temporary exhibits for special occasions, the second section records the history of the old city, the forts and the city gates

The second floor had several rooms with exhibits on the Treasury Department, coin minting, asset management, land appraisal at different periods and locations which I will not cover in this article.

During the visit, I was wondering what all these had to do with the Banglamphu community until I remembered the 70 m baht contributed by the Treasury Department for the restoration of the buildings.

After the Treasury Department exhibits, we crossed over to the wooden building via an adjoining bridge. A Thai journalist quaintly described this building as the “world of commoners”, to which most of us belong, I guess.

How to get there


  • Address: Phra Sumen Rd, Khwaeng Chana Songkhram, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200
  • Phone: 02 281 9828