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Royal Honorary Park under the King Taksin Bridge boasts new look and improved facilities

03 Oct 2017

Bangkok, 02 October, 2017 – The Royal Honorary Park under the King Taksin Bridge now boasts new look and improved facilities, following the completion of renovation by ICONSIAM in collaboration with Klong San District Office and the Department of Rural Roads.

The renovation took place from July to September, 2017. It covered the area in front of the park, the footpath of surrounded area and recreation pavilion. The exercise zone is now equipped with new exercise machines. Works also covered renovation of restrooms and building more restrooms.

To mark the new look of the park, Klong San people as well as representatives from the public and private sectors recently joined hands in planting Marigold in tribute to King Rama IX and Yellow Star to express loyalty King Rama X. ICONSIAM’s Young Ambassadors also painted fence around the exercise machine zone to enhance beautiful scenery.

The Royal Honorary Park under the King Taksin Bridge, covering 20 rai of land, was established in 1996 in an occasion of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Accession to the Throne of King Rama X, and Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s birthday celebration.

The Park’s renovation and voluntary initiatives form part of ICONSIAM’s corporate social responsibility projects for the local communities along the Chao Phraya River.