Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Shadow puppet (Nung Ta Loong) in Trang

16 Feb 2018

NungTaLoong is being with southern people for more than hundred years. It is the heritage of performing arts which should be conserved. In the past, local people called as short as “Nung”.



The origin of “ Nung Ta Loong” is assumed to come from the performing of Nung Ta Loong of central part of Thailand so that they called “ Nun Ta Loong” and “ Nung Yhai” to be separated clearly. The first southern show that performed in Bangkok in the period of King Rama 3rd by Phraya Phatthalung ( Plueak) around Nang Lerng which came with the first Nung owner from Phatthalung so that people called it as “Nung Phatthalung”, not long from that the sound has changed to be “ Nung Ta Loong”.


It is being believed that Nung Ta Loong is copied from Nung Yhai by reduced the size. In the first period, there is the performing of Ramayana as well but changed the sound to be local languages, changed the music instrument to be Tab, Klong, Ching, Mong which is the old music instruments of southern. In the past, if there are any festivals, it is the thing that could not be forgetten to perform .Nung Ta Loong contest is also one of another endless festival.