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Temple of the Emerald Buddha

22 Nov 2017

The stunning Temple (Wat) of the Emerald Buddha is regarded as one of the most important temples in Thailand. Located at Na Phra Lan Road, Metropolitan Palace road in Bangkok, it opens daily from 8.30am until 3.30pm.


The admission fee to explore this beautiful place is free of charge for Thais and 500 Thai Baht ($14USD) for foreigners and also includes a visit to the gorgeous Vimanmek mansion which is located on the same grounds.

pon first glimpse when arriving at the Emerald Buddha you will notice immaculate temples, Thai Gods and Goddesses and gardens which are beautifully looked after. Golden Stupas rise into the sky, tilting your neck and camera lens so you are able to grab that perfect shot.

The Emerald temple was built to house a Buddha image that has been carved from a large piece of green jadeite. Chaophraya Chakri, who went on to become King Rama 1 brought the image back from Vientiane, Capitol of Laos, once he had captured the city in 1788. King Rama 1 built the temple and protected the emerald Buddha there as a symbol of Siam’s reclaimed nationhood.

Dress code

While visiting any spiritual place it is important to follow any rules and regulations that may exist. Dress appropriately and behave in a sensible manner while visiting this location. It is important to respect the local culture, religion and law when visiting any county other than your own.

This means for men it is appropriate to wear long pants with either a short or long sleeved top. Women it is appropriate to wear skirts or pants that extend past the knee and a short or long sleeved shirt.

Vimanmek Mansion

Once finishing your time at the Emerald temple make your way over to the striking Vimanmek Mansion and see the beautiful surroundings and the immense mansion that it sits upon.
The mansion is known as the world’s largest teakwood building and was originally built as a royal abode in the early years of the twentieth century. The royals however only used it for a few years before it was virtually forgotten about until the early eighties.

Today Vimanmek mansion is a museum displaying and reflecting Thai heritage from the reign of King Rama V and while walking around the grounds you will see the dozens of restored structures that will truly take your breath away.

These places are well worth the visit while in Bangkok. Don’t be afraid to truly immerse yourself in the history as you walk through the area were Thai royals and generations of people have been before.

We are sure that you wouldn’t be disappointed.

How to get to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The temple of the Emerald Buddha and Vimanmek Mansion are popular tourist attractions that you cannot miss out on seeing while you are visiting Bangkok.

The temple is located off Na Phra Lan Road with bus stops close to the location for those who want to get a bus. Otherwise taxi, Uber, tuk-tuk or your legs can get you there easily. Alternatively a nice way to go to the Grand Palace and surrounding area is to go out from BTS Saphan Taksin station exist 2, and take Chao Phraya Express Boast stop at No.9 – Ta Chang Pier. You will get there after 5 minutes’ walk. The place is not far from Khao San road, if you get a breezy Saturday night, why not walk around this area with your company.

It is a good idea to search the location on your phone or computer to see how far it is from your current location and consider the travel time, especially if it peak hours (usually 7am to 10am). If at your hotel, it is also a good idea to ask the receptionist to write down the location in English and in Thai so it will be easy for your driver to understand if they do not know much English.

Whichever way you travel to get there we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

  • Temple of the emerald Buddha:
    Na Phra Lan Road / Phra Borom Maha Rajawang, Phra Nakho, Bangkok 10200, Thailand.
  • Vimanmek Mansion:
    16 Ratchawithi Rd / Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand