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Trang Old Town

16 Feb 2018

Trang is a laid back city full of enchanting and captivating charm.  Trang is an old city, a former Thub Thiang Sub-District promoted to be the City Municipal of Trang since 1999. The old city charms can still be seen from the Sino-Portuguese buildings in the architectural style of a European-Chinese blend. This timeless craftsmanship is a reflection of the western civilization that traveled to the city by train on the Bangkok -Thub Thiang – Kantang Route, making Thub Thiang at that time the center of trade and transportation for the provinces of the west coast with influences from Penang, Singapore and Phuket. 


During sunset, you can take a walk along Ratchadamnern Road and Rama VI Road where the alleys along the way are lined with shops and old shophouses made of cement or wood, all hiding fascinating stories and discoveries for you to uncover.  Travelers coming to Trang by plane, by train, by bus or by driving, all have to stop at the City of Trang for the different stopover spots worth visiting.  You can also enjoy the charms of Trang from sunrise to sunset.


Clock Tower

Trang Clock Tower is a very classic architectural building and an outstanding landmark at the center of the City Hall Intersection.  Its design is a reminiscence of the Art of the 60’s.  The Clock Tower was built in 1961.  Changes were made but the final makeover remained as the original.  It was initiated to be the news tower of the Municipality of Trang, originally made of wood and built in 1945 in the era of the Tham Kong Yia Shrine.

The Tham Kong Yia Shrine

The Tham Kong Yia Shrine, located on Plern Pitak Road, is a sacrosanct shrine highly respected by the residents of Trang.  The image of the divine Tham Kong Yia God was sent from China to and has resided at the shrine since 1947 to provide luck to the residents.  Travelers all stop by to ask for his sacred blessings. Many get what they wish for, especially when they pray for their children to be born.

Tuk-Tuk Hua Kob – Trang’s Heroic Tricycle

You have not arrived in the City of Trang if you have not ridden on a Tuk-tuk Hua Kob motorized tricycle.  Go walk around, take a seat or take photos of Trang Railway Station or the areas in front of the hotel where the Tuk-Tik Hua Kob tricycles gather around.  Trang’s Tuk-Tuk Hua Kobs were originally imported from Japan in 1959 as small pick-up tricycles with no roofs.  Later they were adapted to be freightcars and consequently passenger tricycles that have become attached to the lives of Trang’s residents for more than 50 years. 

Tuk-Tuk Hua Kob’s are Trang’s heroic tricycles. Even before sunrise they pick up the vendors along with their merchandise to send them off to the market in the morning.

Some send the Para rubber tappers to the rubber plantations just before sunrise.  Later in the morning between 7-8 am they send the students to school and the office workers to their offices.  Late in the morning when it’s time for a coffeehouse forum, the Tuk-Tuk Hua Kob drivers take their time off for tea or coffee with Trang roast pork.  Now more than 100 Tuk-Tuk Hua Kobs still provide their services to their passengers who are mostly tourists and travelers.  You can ride them in a single trip or in an all-day city tour.  The choice is up to you.

The Walking Street at Trang Railway Station 

Trang Railway Station is an old station which has served as the community center from the past.  Today the sound of its vigorous activities has echoed into an ambience of colors and liveliness.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening at the square in front of Trang Railway Station,  Walking Street comes to life.  Travelers can enjoy the colors of the city by taking a stroll along the street and tasting different local sweets or food or shopping for local fine handicrafts or listening to live music performed by street musicians who fill the street and the platform of this night market with joyful entertainment

The Monument of Phraya Ratsada

In commemorating Phraya Ratsada Nupradit (Korsimbi Na Ranong), the citizens and the government officers of Trang Province contributed money to build the Monument of Phraya Ratsada Nupradit Mahisorn Pakdi inThubThiang Sub-District, Muang Trang District, Trang Province. Each year, on April 10th or the Phraya Ratsada Nupradit Day, wreaths are presented to the Monument.