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Trang is the seaside province in southern Thailand

16 Feb 2018

Trang is the  southernmost provinces on the Andaman Coast, are traveling attractions rich with unspoiled nature; large forests, waterfalls and spectacular caves.  All of these wonders of nature will undoubtedly amaze you. Rich in flora, fauna and shelter these areas of unspoilt nature support numerous land and sea creatures.With an abundance of blissful attractions mixed with cultural heritage, Trang Province is truly a fascinating tourist destination with numerous jungles, mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.


Trang is a magnificent coastal province with a long, beautiful shoreline that stretches 199 kilometers along the Andaman Sea. In addition, the province has two major rivers flowing through it, the Trang River, which originates in the Khao Luang Mountain Range, and Maenam Palian, which flows from the Banthat Mountain Range.

Despite the fact that Trang City plays a key role in facilitating trade to Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand’s southern commercial hub, Trang is a province infrequently visited by tourists. It was only recently that Trang has been poised to establish itself on the international travel map.

Trang has geographical advantages similar to that of Krabi and Phang Nga. This includes breathtaking islands and beaches along the coast as well as awe-inspiring inland limestone mountains.

Trang has both mainland beaches and a whole string of offshore islands; the province features an archipelago in the Andaman Sea consisting of more than 46 islands. Visitors interested in light-adventure activities can cruise the coastal waters and visit notable sights, such as the enchanting Emerald Cave. Additional attractions include the nearby Mu Koh Petra National Park, where idyllic beaches and islands are perfect places to enjoy the warm, clear waters of the Andaman Sea. Some of the dive sites in the National Park are world-class. There are also wildlife sanctuaries such as Namtok Khao Chong and Khlong Lamchan Park where waterfalls, nature trails, and caves are awaiting exploration. For those looking for a relaxed, tranquil ambience, Trang is a perfect place to unwind amidst stunning scenery.

Similar in topography to neighboring Krabi, Trang features idyllic islands with breathtaking karst formations and unspoiled beaches, making it the hot new destination for those looking for less developed yet beautiful Thai beaches and islands.

The waters off Trang have also become a refuge of the threatened dugong, the “sea cow” cousin of the manatee. Koh Libong is one of the best places to spot these docile sea mammals which have become the unofficial symbol of Trang.
Trang city, the provincial capital, is a centuries-old seaport with a multicultural population of Thai, Malay, and Hokkien Chinese residents, a mixture that is best appreciated while dining on the local cuisine or mingling with the locals at a local coffee shop.


Despite its low profile on the international tourist scene, Trang is a popular destination for Thais looking for a relaxing beach holiday. Consequently, resorts and hotels are often filled during long holiday weekends and at many times throughout the high season. If you are planning to visit during one of these periods, try to book in advance. Alternatively, in the low season many resorts and hotels close for the season because so few Thais travel to the area during that time. Again, its best to book in advance, though there are offices for many resorts in Trang city so it is typically possible to book a room there before heading to a beach or island that may either be full or shut down for several months.

Most accommodation in Trang city is found near the train station and along Rama IV Road, most of which is mid-range hotels with some variation in quality, though there are a few guesthouses that provide a homier atmosphere.



Although one of the less well known tourist destinations in Thailand, Trang has many attractions and visitors with an interest in nature will particularly enjoy their Trang holiday. Trang city also has numerous attractions. Walking around Trang City, visitors will be amazed at the mixture of Western, Chinese and Thai cultures reflected in architecture that ranges from Sino-Portuguese shop houses to Chinese temples and shrines. The Pan-Ya House is the local style of house in Trang, which offers an insight into the architectural heritage of this town. In addition to architectural attractions there are many parks to stroll through and markets to explore. The following are some of the most popular attractions on Trang including the islands and national parks that are in nearby provinces but easily visited from Trang.



As a destination whose primary attraction is simply its natural beauty, Trang has fewer activities to participate in than many more popular areas of Thailand do, though there are still enough activities, particularly of the outdoor variety, that visitors with an interest in nature will find something to keep them entertained on their Trang holiday. The following are some of the most popular activities on Trang:



Most restaurants on Trang serve a variety of cuisines, including Thai and international foods and southern Thai cuisine. In general, Southern Thai food is renowned for its spiciness and has its origins in Malay, Indonesian and Indian cuisines. Popular southern dishes include Massaman, an Indian-style Muslim curry, Khanom Jeen, rice noodles in fish curry sauce, and chicken birayani. Trang also has a unique breakfast food that is not served elsewhere in Thailand.



While not the center of shopping in Thailand, Trang has a number of unique local products and there are opportunities to shop in markets around Trang town or at the airport on your way back to Bangkok.

Key Tips

  • The best time to visit Trang is between December and May.
  • High and low seasons aren’t clearly defined; some resorts are closed into the early high season (mid-November), while others start charging high season rates as early as October.