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Trang’s Andaman Islands

16 Feb 2018

Trang is the southernmost provinces on the Andaman Coast, are traveling attractions rich with unspoiled nature; large forests, waterfalls and spectacular caves.  All of these wonders of nature will undoubtedly amaze you. Rich in flora, fauna and shelter these areas of unspoilt nature support numerous land and sea creatures.

Trang’s Andaman Islands number 47 in total and spread out to the south of Koh Lanta. More tourists are visiting the islands, and the beauty, rich birdlife and the clear waters that surround them make upmarket future development highly likely. The islands can be reached from several small ports and fishing villages along the Trang coast, the main ones being Pakmeng and Kantang, 24 km from Trang. It is also possible to charter boats with the Muslim fishermen who live on the islands. The best time to visit the area is between January and April. The weather is unsuitable for island-hopping from May to December and although it is sometimes still possible to charter boats out of season, it can be expensive and risky: the seas are rough, the water is cloudy and you may be stranded by a squall or equally by the boatmen’s incompetency and a vessel which was never seaworthy in the first place. There is a also a tendency to overbook these boats and consequent delays as the operators wait for further customers.


The Sea of Trang traces the Andaman Sea Coastline and attracts travelers and holiday makers who love to go snorkeling, diving and relaxing on the islands. For foreign visitors, traveling by boat is quite popular. In the high season ferries are always available at the wharfs. They will stop over at different islands from Phuket, the Koh Phi Phi Islands of Krabi, Koh Lanta, Koh Ngai, Koh Mook, Koh Bulone and Koh Lipe in Satun, ending their journey at the Langkawi Islands in Malaysia.
Encapsulating the Sea of Trang and stretching out to encompass archipelagos within the territory of the Tarutao National Park lies what we call the South Andaman Sea. In recent years this stretch of sea has gained a reputation as a new coral-viewing dive site of Asia with an underwater world that remains unspoiled.  Here you will find many amazing underwater attractions, for example, Stonehenge – named as such for its similarity to Stonehenge in England, the main difference being that this Stonehenge is 27 meters under the sea. Located not far from Koh Lipe, Satun, Stonehenge is much talked about amongst divers. Other popular spots include 8 Mile Rock at the south side of Koh Lipe. It’s a 45-minute journey to reach 8 Mile Rock which plunges into the abyss from a depth of 16 meters to 45 meters.

Trang  have both become popular holiday destinations. One of their outstanding attractions is the Tarutao National Park, the first national marine park which has been selected by UNESCO to be an ASEAN Heritage Park, bringing world prestige to Thailand.  Koh Lipe is another popular spot, having gained world recognition after being ranked in National Geographic as one of the best 20 traveling destinations in 2012.   The Emerald Cave at Koh Mook in the Sea of Trang is also famous.  It is an amazing closed sea of emerald hue surrounded by mountains.  Travelers will need to float with their heads above water to duck into the cave. Once inside they will be stunned by a miraculous beauty. 


Wouldn’t you like to have an amazing experience too?  Simply plan your next vacation in Trang make your trip worthwhile by covering both provinces. You’ll definitely fall in love with Trang.