Monday, 26 September 2022

Wat Upsornsawan Worawiharn

Wat Upsornsawan Worawiharn is the royal temple of the third class. It is located in Pakklong Pasee Charoen Sub-District, Pasee Charoen District, Bangkok. Visitors can travel by boat through Klong Bangkok Yai. 


The former name of Wat Upsornsawan Worawiharn is Wat Moo. It was built in Ayutthaya period. There was a story that Chin Wu built this temple on the land that used to be the area for raising pigs. Pigs wandered around the temple. Local people therefore called the temple “Wat Moo”. The year of construction was not recorded.

In the era of King Nangklao, Chao Chom Noi (Sura Nakong), the daughter of Chao Phraya Pholathep (Chim), reestablished this temple. There was a reconstruction in this era again. The King called this temple “Wat Upsornsawan” and gave a Buddha statue in the position of eating myrobalan as the main Buddha statue in the monastery. This statue was called “Luang Pho Samor”. It was built in Chinese art style.


This dignified statue is sacred for Luang Phra Bang people and Viantiane people. It is over one cubit wide in sitting position. The left hand is holding a myrobalan. It is the ancient statue from Vientiane. After conquering Chao Anu Rebellion, many important Buddha statues were transported from Vientiane. This statue in the position of eating myrobalan was one of those. When the statue arrived, there was a giant ceremony. The statue was then located in Wiharn Phra Nak in Wat Phrasri Rattana Sadsadaram. After the repair of Wat Upsornsawan was completed, the statue was transported and located here until now.


 The monastery and Vihara were built in Chinese art style and imitated Wat Racha Orot. There are 28 main Buddha statues in the monastery. They are all in the position of subduing Mara and in the similar size. They are all located on the same base. The names written on the base are Phra Tan Hangkorn, Phra Metangkorn, Phra Saranangkorn, Phra Teepangkor, Phra Kontanya, Phra Mangkala, Phra Summana, Phra Kodom, etc. There is also tripitaka hall in Ayutthaya art style.

Visitor can visit the temple from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. every day. Free admission.