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YSK: What to consider when planning a trip?

02 Feb 2021

It is undeniable that COVID-19 has changed how we used to live. The widespread pandemic affects our lives in many different aspects, including how we travel. Before COVID-19, tourists only have to worry about VISA, passport, insurance, money and whatnot. In this day and age, however, tourists have to worry about other matters apart from the usual ones to ensure a safety trip. Stated below are some basic but important guidelines one should follow before planning a trip to a country.

1. Be sure to check the latest news about the country you plan to visit.

It is crucial to know the country’s situation in advance, especially information regarding the COVID-19 situation such as travel advice or necessary regulations to follow. The website WHO and the country’s Ministry of Health are a good starting place. 

2. Avoid high-risk destinations or high-density destinations.

High-risk destinations are an area which has a high number of COVID-19 cases. It goes without saying that traveling to such a place increases the odds of contracting the virus, so it is highly advised to avoid it.  Similarly, it is also in your best interest to avoid high-density destinations because of the same reason.

3. Don’t forget hand sanitizer.

Pack a travel-sized hand sanitizer in your suitcase so you can disinfect your hands wherever you go. Proper hand sanitation is a secret technique to beat COVID-19!

4. Wear a face mask in public.

Be responsible to society and wear a face mask every time you are in public. Be sure to wear it properly for your safety and everyone else.

The four guidelines mentioned above will ensure tourists a safe trip. Unfortunately, COVID-19 had made it so that we can’t live the way we used to be, but we can make it better by taking a part in preventing it from further spreading; for yourself and for the world.

Have a safe trip!

*Noted: These are only general guidelines on what to consider before planning a trip to a country. It is advised to check with the embassy before traveling for further detailed information.